LSI Property Management


Rent is due by the 1st of each month.
  • We offer online rent payment. Payments made out of your checking or savings account using routing and account numbers are at no charge to you. Payments made using a card there is a fee associated with the payment.
  • You can mail your rent to us at 300 Wilson Ave W, Menomonie, WI 54751. It must be postmarked by the due date.
  • You can use the drop box located in front of our office. (No Cash Payment)
  • You can pay in person at our office during business hours.
  • Check your breaker or fuse to make sure that it hasn’t tripped or blown.
  •  If your power is off in a certain area like a kitchen or bathroom check your GFI outlets to see if they have tripped.
  • If power is out to the entire unit, please visit, or call 1-800-895-4999 if Xcel energy is your power provider. If they are not, please call your electric provider.
If your toilet is overflowing it could be clogged. Have you tried plunging it? If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can turn the shut off valve off behind the toilet (it’s a silver round or oval knob) by turning it all the way to the right until our staff can assist you. You may also fill out the Maintenance Request Form.
Changing the furnace filter is the resident’s responsibility if it is a private furnace. Furnace filters should be changed no longer than every 2 months, even in the summer months.
Lightbulbs and smoke detector batteries are the resident responsibility. If you are unable to reach or do this on your own, please fill out the Maintenance Request Form.
  • Please check the thermostat to make sure that the batteries are not dead or low power. If the screen is lit, it is not a battery issue.
  • Please check the breaker to make sure the furnace has power.
  • If you have no heat and it is an after hours emergency please call 715-308-9356. Otherwise you can also fill out the Maintenance Request Form.
  • NEVER, EVER shut your heat off. Do not turn it down below 60 degrees for any reason during the winter months. This could cause pipes to freeze and you would be responsible for damages.
  • Do not leave any doors or windows open for any reason.
  • Do not hang long curtains over heat registers or boiler pipes. This will cause them to freeze and break.
  • Open your blinds and curtains daily to allow air to circulate verus trapping moisture behind the blinds.
  • Do not stack things, or place furniture tight in the corners of bedrooms and closets. Air needs to be able to circulate in all areas of your apartment.
  • Running your bath fan and stove vent during and after cooking will help eliminate unwanted moisture from your unit.